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Cave (Spilaio) Spring - Therma

The Cave Spa is located in Therma town center at the end of the beach and is operated by the municipality of Ikaria. The theraputic spring source of the Cave (Spilaio) Spa is radio-energic and is known to heal and relieve a variety of diseases, ailments and disorders including: Rheumatic, Endocrine Gland, Gynecological, Respiratory, Kidney, Bladder and traumatic-postoperative diseases; Neuralgia, Neuritis, Arthropathies, skin problems, Gout, lower back pain, Sciatica, indigestion, fatigue, anxiety and stress.

Spa Amenities & Features:

  • Reception area with seating and lockers
  • 1 natural sauna/hamam located inside the mountain cave
  • 2 indoor jacuzzi pools accommodating up to 6 bathers each
  • Timers to keep track of bather session times
  • Toilets, showers and changing rooms
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of facilities and equipment

Bathing Info, Rules & Guidelines:

  • The spa maintains some form of insurance, but it is each bather's responsibility to be fully insured for medical/accident/travel.
  • Medical permission is typically required but can usually be issued locally by staff or doctors.
  • Bathers need to bring with them the following items: shower cap, non-slip slippers, towels or bathrobe.
  • Before using the facilities you are required to take a shower.
  • Use of the facilities should be on an empty stomach or at least 3 hours after your latest meal.
  • Personal care products such as cosmetics, creams and other oils are prohibited while using the facilities because they can alter the properties of the thermal water.
  • There is no private parking at the spa.
  • Latest Prices: Jacuzzi - € 4.50   |  Hamam/Sauna - €3

Therma, Ikaria 83300
Tel : +30 22750 24048

Cave Spa is located near the main square of Therma, at the end of the right side of the beach just past the local restaurants that line the water.
In the summer time a local bus from Agios Kirykos serves Therma at regular intervals throughout the day in addition to a water-taxi. You can walk to Therma from Agios Kirikos in about 15 minutes if you take coastal path/road that starts from the police station. By car, Therma is a 5 minute drive from Agios Kirikos. A taxi will cost around 7 euros.

Opening Hours:
Typically June to October from 11:00 to 14:00
No appointment neccessary. Be sure to check locally for latest hours.
  • Cave Spring - Therma, Ikaria
  • Cave Spring - Therma, Ikaria

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Cave Spring Chemical Analysis

  • Radioactive saltwater spring
  • Limpidity: Excellent
  • Smell: None
  • Taste: Saline
  • Color: None
  • Temperature: 55,5°C (air temp.: 21,5°C)
  • Density: (D) 15°/15° = 1,0291
    pH at 20°C = 7,1
    Units of measurement:  25,5 - 53,8 Mache

    • Kations and Anions
      1 Kg of water contains:

      Potassium0,3021 g
      Sodium11,2996 g
      Lithium0,0041 g
      Calcium1,4336 g
      Magnesium0,8733 g
      Iron0,0201 g
      Chlorine20,5668 g
      Bromine0,0401 g
      Iodine0,00036 g
      Sulphuric ion2,9328 g
      Hydrophospheric ion0,00062 g
      Hydrocarbonic ion0,1334
      Nitric ion0,00015g

      Absence of Ammonia ions
      Absence of Nitric traces
      Absence of Manganous ions
    The composition of water corresponds to the
    composition of a solution weighing 1 Kg.

    Chloride lithium0,0250 g
    Bromide sodium 0,0516 g
    Iodine sodium 0,00042 g
    Chlorine potassium 0,5760 g
    Fluoride sodium 0,0123
    Hydrophosphoric aluminium 0,00073 g
    Sulphuric aluminium 0,00011 g
    Hydrocarbonic iron 0,0640 g
    Hydrocarbonic magnesium 1,9799 g
    Sulphuric magnesium 1,4849 g
    Chloride magnesium 1,7836g
    Nitric sodium 0,00020 g
    Chloride calcium 3,9700 g
    Sulphuric sodium 1,9996 g
    Chloric sodium 27,0850g

    Through the spectrographic analysis of the residue of 100ml water, the following elements were detected: Ca, Mg, Fe, Si, Cu, B

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