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Apollon Spring - Therma

The Apollon Spa is located in Therma town center and is operated by the municipality of Ikaria. The theraputic spring source of Apollon is radio-energic and is known to heal and relieve a variety of ailments and disorders.

Spa Amenities & Features:

  • Reception area with seating
  • 26 treatment rooms with tubs and timers
  • Access for persons with limited mobility
  • Treatment rooms with bath water from mixed source springs (Apollon Spring and/or Cave Spring).
  • Jacuzzi & Sauna rooms
  • Toilets, showers and changing rooms
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of facilities and equipment.

Bathing Info, Rules & Guidelines:

  • The spa maintains some form of insurance, but it is each bather's responsibility to be fully insured for medical/accident/travel.
  • Medical permission is typically required but can usually be issued locally by staff or doctors.
  • Bathers need to bring with them the following items: shower cap, non-slip slippers, towels or bathrobe.
  • Before using the facilities you are required to take a shower.
  • Use of the facilities should be on an empty stomach or at least 3 hours after your latest meal.
  • Personal care products such as cosmetics, creams and other oils are prohibited while using the facilities because they can alter the properties of the thermal water.
  • There is no private parking at the spa.
  • Latest Prices: Bath - € 4.50   |  Hot Tub - €8.50

Therma, Ikaria 83300
Tel : +30 22750 24049

Apollon Spa is located in front of the beach in the center of the town square of Therma.
In the summer time a local bus from Agios Kirykos serves Therma at regular intervals throughout the day in addition to a water-taxi. You can walk to Therma from Agios Kirikos in about 15 minutes if you take coastal path/road that starts from the police station. By car, Therma is a 5 minute drive from Agios Kirikos. A taxi will cost around 7 euros.

Opening Hours:
In summer normally everyday from 08:00 to 14:00 and also in the evenings from 18:00 to 21:00
No appointment neccessary. Be sure to check locally for latest hours.
  • Apollo Spring - Therma, Ikaria

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Apollon Spring Chemical Analysis

  • Radioactive saltwater spring
  • Limpidity: Excellent
  • Smell: None
  • Taste: Saline
  • Color: None
  • Temperature: 49,5°C (air temp.: 19,1°C)
  • Density: (D) 15°/15° = 1,0203
    pH at 20°C = 7,6
    Units of measurement:  350-1000 Mache

    • Kations and Anions
      1 Kg of water contains:

      Potassium0,2875 g
      Sodium8,6064 g
      Lithium0,0035 g
      Calcium0,9897 g
      Magnesium0,6449 g
      Iron0,0091 g
      Aluminium0,0001 g
      Chlorine15,6024 g
      Bromine0,0105 g
      Fluorine0,0042 g
      Iodine0,00019 g
      Sulphuric ion2,0102 g
      Hydrophospheric ion0,00049 g
      Hydrocarbonic ion0,1557
      Nitric ion0,001 g
      Total28,3308 g

      Detection of ammonia traces
      Detection of nitric traces
      Absence of Manganous ions
    The composition of water corresponds to the
    composition of a solution weighing 1 Kg.

    Chloride lithium0,0213 g
    Bromide sodium 0,0135 g
    Iodine sodium 0,00022 g
    Chlorine potassium 0,5482 g
    Fluoride sodium 0,00058 g
    Hydrophosphoric aluminium 0,00058 g
    Sulphuric aluminium 0,00012 g
    Hydrocarbonic iron 0,0289 g
    Sulphuric magnesium 1,4849 g
    Hydrocarbonic magnesium 0,1741 g
    Nitric sodium 0,00013 g
    Chloric calcium 2,7407 g
    Sulphuric sodium 1,2157 g
    Chloric sodium 20,8497 g
    Total28,3308 g

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