Mountain Biking & Cycling

Ikaria's scenic mountain, forest and coastal areas offer many routes for cycling, mountain biking and even rugged downhill. Basic mountain bikes can be rented in Armenistis and Agios Kirikos at some of the car/motorbike rental agencies. There are two officially designated bike routes that can be explored - one in the Pezi region that begins near the water resevoir and one near the village of Akamatra. Cycling along the paved relatively flat coastal main roads between Agios Kirikos and Faros, and Nas and Evdilos is also possible if you rent a bike or have your own, The best routes are in the mountains and forests and are an uphill ride to reach, but well worth it for the easy and scenic coast back down to the beaches.

Island Ikaria Outdoor Activities offers guided Mountain Biking & Cycling Day Tours on Ikaria for all ages and levels. The tours include cycling guide, all safety equipment, transportation, picnic lunch, short hike to a waterfall and admission/tasting at a local winery. A variety of mountain and cruising bikes are available to choose from. The tour takes you cycling along a flat high mountain plateau and continues with a leisurely coast back down to the sea.

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Other Recommended Scenic Cycling Routes

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