Stargazing in Ikaria

Ikaria's inky black skies showcase glittering constellations, meteor showers, planets, the Milky Way, moon and endless other celestial objects that will take your breath away. The remote and high mountain Erifi Plateau area in Pezi, where light pollution is almost non-existant, is home to some of the darkest skies in Greece and a perfect combination of factors creates ideal "seeing" conditions for stargazing experiences that are second to none.

The Erifi also encompasses some of the Ikaria’s most awe-inspiring landscapes and is an EU Natura 2000 protected area and bio-diversity sanctuary. The surrounding region includes Ikaria’s 2nd highest peak (Mt. Melissa 1011m alt.) and the Erifi itself is atop the mountain at almost 1,000m elevation and "hidden" from the rest of the island below.

Its also the perfect place to be "mindful" of our surroundings and "detox" for awhile away from the digital world. Bring yourself back in tune and connect with yourself, your family, friends and nature while stargazing and let the starlight and moonlight rejuvenate your soul.

Island Ikaria Activity Tours offers private and semi-private evening Stargazing Tours.
Experience a unique stargazing evening at the top of Ikaria gazing at the stars, planets, moon, Milkyway, galaxies and other solar system and deep space objects. Relax under the stars and enjoy the wild beauty, peace and restfulness of the Erifi Plateau high atop the Ikarian mountains. The stargazing site and computerized telescope are located in an ideal wide open "darksky" location with clear 360 degree views of the night sky and zero "light pollution". You've never seen the stars, planets, moon and Milkyway so bright like this before!

A unique and interesting evening entertainment option while on holiday in Ikaria. Suitable for all ages.

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