Xilosirtis lies to the west of the capital after the monastery and belongs to the municipality of Agios Kirikos. It is called the village of apricots and is especially beautiful and picturesque as it is hidden in the sweet shade of apricot trees. On the 26th of July a traditional feast takes place in the village with the enthusiastic participation of the local people and foreigners. The large pebble beach stretching out below the village hosts the summer visitors enjoying the sun and sea.

A little outside of Xilosirtis towards the monastery there is a famous spring called "Athanatou Nero," The Immortal Water, hidden amidst huge granite rocks. Its water is drinkable, very tasty and has therapeutic values for kidney and stomach ailments. In bygone days summer visitors and local inhabitants used to buy the "immortal water" from the water seller who wandered the villages of Agios with his donkey loaded with pitchers. One may visit the spring by following the small road that leads there and drink from its wonder working water. A little further on stands the permanent guard "Gria" or "Nerayda" or Maiden of the Seashore overlooking the sea. It is a huge rock formation by the sea which resembled an old woman and which a few years ago the sculptor Ikaris lent the features of a "Neriada" or Nymph. Also neaerby is an old watermill with two arches standing in a gorge which stretches down the mountain above the village.

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