Christos Rachon is situated approximately 500 meters above sea level in the northern part of Ikaria and has about 350 permanent inhabitants. This impressive large village of the Raches plateau is built amphitheatrically amidst pines, oaks, fruit bearing trees, and vineyards. Its picturesque square with the shops all around, the imposing church with its marble belltower, the pretty old and new houses, and the traditionally built local highschool, retain the traditional color of the settlement and reveal its unique architectural appearance. Every step and gaze presents a new picture more beautiful than the preceeding like the old windmill hidden away in the pines. Christos Rachon with its vast thick forests, the lush green ravines and slopes, crystal clear waters, and unique scenic beauty is an ideal place for summer holidays.

The center of the village is of particular interest as it retains its traditional flavor and color thanks to the efforts of the local population. All of the stores, the old coffee shops, and the imposing church are concentrated here. Around the village square you will find characteristic houses with their beautiful old balconies. The square and the surrounding pedestrianized roads are covered with Ikarian slate. ys.

Touring the plateau of Raches with its scenery of striking beauty, the unique architectural appearance of the villages will be strongly impressed upon the visitor's memory. The local road runs through a vast dense wood of pines and towering wild oak trees. The villages and surrounding area are filled with orchards and vineyards. A 15 minute walk from Christos brings you to "Litani" a rock with breathtaking views of magic sunsets. On your way to Armenistis from Christos, at a twist in the road, one more impressive site appears before your eyes- a huge upright rock called "oktwgramnos." This natural wonder is over 80 meters high, and soars wild and steep above the ravine as though praying to the creator for being so generous to this part of the island. ys.

Christos Raches holds perhaps the largest traditional feast of any Ikarian village on August 6th every year, the day of Jesus Christ. Locals and visitors gather here from all over the island to taste the traditional food and exquisite local wine, and to sing and dance non-stop to the sound of the violin played by local musicians until the morning light.

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