The settlement of Prospera is situated in western Ikaria south of Nas. In Greek its name means westwards. Together with the sea side settlement of Kato Prospera, they belong to the community of Raches and have about 120 inhabitants. Prospera is of particular interest with its pretty houses scattered over the slope, the terraces with the locals' cultivations, the old church, and a plethora of traditional elements which are preserved in the old houses. Although Kato Prospera is a more recent seaside settlement, it does not escape notice with its neat houses, well kept gardens, the small church of Agios Nectarios, and the local coffee shop.

In Prospera there are numerous old houses which preserve elements of the local architecture such as the lean to roof, courtyard wall encorporated into the front of the house, traditional wine presses with earthenware jars for storing the musto buried in the earth, still survive. An exceptional example is a restored house belonging to Dr. Kiriakos Karoutsos which is about 400-500 years old and typical of the traditional houses which existed when piracy was at its peak.

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