The settlement of Pezi is situated on the plateau bearing the same name in the western part of Ikaria. It belongs to the community of Christos-Rachon and has about 20 inhabitants. It is built on a plateau amidst a flat imposing landscape which impresses the visitor who is accustomed to Ikarian villages perched high on mountain sides, steep ravines, or spread over small fertile valleys. In 1994 a dam of 1,200,000 cubic meters of water was built near the village. Aside from creating a refuge for local wildlife, it is responsible for irrigating the entire area of Christos-Raches. The uniqueness of the land is completed by the old village houses, the church, and the traditional feasts held by the locals. The parish church is dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul and was consecrated in the late 19th Century. The feast is held on the 29th of June.

The area around Pezi was one of the main hideouts of western Ikaria in the early 16th Century. The old dilapidated house, the so called "Girotokamada" with the huge oval shaped granite rocks placed there by nature to form a shelter, the fireplace and bed inside, and the stable for the livestock right next to it reveal the history of this land. More recent dwelling places are the anti-pirate houses built in the area. In the settlement you will come across various elements of folklore interest such as traditional stone wine presses.

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