Magganitis is situated in the southwestern part of the island. It belongs to the community of Agios Kirikos and has about 150 inhabitants. The entry to the village is impressive, passing through a tunnel cut into the gigantic granite bluffs that surround it. Magganitis is also imposing as you view it from the sea with a large stone church soaring above the steep cliffs. It is an incredibly beautiful oasis surrounded by huge cliffs which captivate the visitor with a succession of scenery. The area around the church is called "Livadi" as it has ample water and vegetation. Magganitis is a unique place having many surprises in store for the visitor. Manganitis has pretty little houses, cobble paths lined with fig and fruit trees, a traditional oil press, two watermills, enchanting beaches, and a magnificent succession of landscapes sometimes wildly remote with various forms of rocks, and sometimes calm and reassuring with only the view of the lush green mountain slopes.

The quaint port of Magganitis, known as "Sirtiko," is a refuge for the small boats and caiques of the local inhabitants who have traditionally been a seafaring people. Visitors can enjoy the bar restaurant and taverna located at the port and which overlook the sea. The beautiful beach of Magganitis is frequented by many bathers. It is called "Firodi" by transformation of the name which belonged to a queen who was buried there according to local tradition. A small distance away from Manganitis to the east stretches the excellent beach known as Seychelles which was formed when the tunnel was opened.

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