Almost in the center of the Ikaria and at an altitude of over 500 meters lies Frandato. The village has about 500 inhabitants whose number is multiplied in the summer. It is built on fertile ground with abundant vegetation and is one of the prettiest villages of Ikaria. The houses, both old and new, are surrounded by flowering yards, and contain gardens rich in fruit and many varieties of garden produce. Frandato's traditional vineyards produce the delicious "perimeritiko" wine. The picturesque village square is home to the parish church, and a bit further away the old windmill with a breathtaking view, and the grand primary school.

In the area of Frandato nature opened wide the gates of its aesthetic grandeur. There is lush vegetation in marked variation in and around the village. Pinewoods, wild oak trees, Komario bushes and other trees crowd in from every side. All around there are gullies with shady plain trees, willows, bushes, and gorges which remind one of canyons in the wild west. Landscapes of exquisite beauty abound such as Rima, Lazarina, Kakistasi, Vrihopi, and the silent imposing Ano Peza. The view is magnificent from the vicinity of Pitakata, the parish church courtyard, and the windmill of Kandia. The village parish church is dedicated to "Metamorfosi tou Sotira", the Transfiguration.

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