Chrisostomos is situated to the west of Agios Kirikos after Xilosirtis at an altitude of 350 meters. It belongs to the municipality of Agios Kirikos and numbers about 300 inhabitants. This pretty village forms a wonderful white and green ensemble with its houses built amphitheatrically among the lush vegetation of the mountainside, its large church and many chapels, playground, and the small fountain dressed in Ikarian slate. At the central square the ascending narrow roads are lined with the beautiful houses, the village primary school, the war memorial, and a cool spring.

Climbing up the mountain slope above Chrisostomos we find the old village with its ruined anti-pirate houses hidden away in the dense vegetation. When piracy was stamped out in Ikaria its inhabitants gradually moved lower to the present location of Chrisostomos. The village of Chrisostomos is where the martyr of the Ikarian Revolution, Giorgios Spanos of Evdilos, fell in 1912. The monument was erected in his honor and is reminiscent of those heroic days when the Ikarian people freed themselves from the Turks.

In this picturesque village one can find an abundance of traditional village elements such as the stone built public fountains, villagers riding their time honored means of transportation - the patient donkey, and implements from the Ikarians' process of producing charcoal, which was well known all over Greece. On the path leading to the famed spring, "Mana Tou Nerou," stands an old traditional oil press where there still remains the mill building and its millstone where the animals turned to grind the olives, the cistern where the oil was extracted, and the store rooms. The whole region around Chrisostomos is a major center of Ikaria's olive growing and oil production industry.

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