Akamatra lies to the south of Evdilos and belongs to the community of Evdilos. Together with the villages of Dafni, Steli, Petropouli, and Kosikia it forms the region of Messaria. Today it has about 150 permanent inhabitants. This beautiful village is one of the gems of the island. It encompasses pretty houses both old and new hidden away in lush vegetation, a picturesque square which serves as a silent witness of the land's rich history, an oil press, a primary school, a community folklore exhibition, a parish church, and numerous chapels.

The historic square of Akamatra features a 500 year-old oak tree which was formerly used for executions. There are also mansions with the pretty balconies, a local kafenio with an old marble inscription, and the general warmth emitted by scenes from the daily life of the village like the farmer riding his donkey or mule on his way to work or the little child playing carefully with a kitten. Near Akamatra to the southeast lies the area of "Alama," where a stoned paved path leads to an enchanting landscape with towering plane trees intertwined with ivy, old watermills, and a perennial spring which supplies the village with water. The spring flows into the cave of Alama where one can admire the grandeur of nature. Inside the cave stalactites and stalagmites formed millions of years ago rouse the imagination and inspire awe to the visitor.

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