Agios Kirikos

Agios Kirikos is situated on the southeastern coast of the island and was founded over three hundred years ago by local sailors who dedicated the city to Agios(Saint) Kirikos. It is the capital of Ikaria and the main gateway to the island by land, sea, and air. Most of the public services of the island can be found here. Today, together with its environs Panagia, Kountoumas, Agios Pantelemonas, Christos, and Glaredes it has about 2150 inhabitants. Agios Kirikos, with its old two story captains' mansions, flower filled neighborhoods, narrow cobble paths, endlessly ascending stone steps, central square flanked by shops, and the non-stop comings and goings of the people, combines the picturesqueness of the Aegean architecture with the bustle of a modern town.

The hot spring of Asclepious, previously called Moustafa, can be found in Agios Kirikos near the central square. Therapy seeking individuals from around the world frequent this bathouse and Ikaria's other springs for their outstanding healing virtues. Asclepious Spring emerges from the sea and anyone wishing may swim nearby it to take advantage of its radium content without having to take a traditional bath. The view from Agios Kirikos is expansive. From its broad horizon one can look out upon the Ikarian Sea, the islands of Patmos, Fourni, and Samos, and occasionally one can even make out the coast line of Turkey.

The main square or "platia," lined with Mulberry trees, traditional coffee houses("kafenia"), cafes, bars, and shops is the center of the town's life and is situated on the coastal road facing the sea. Here stands also the marble war memorial to fallen Ikarian soldiers. In and around the square's pedestrian only granite cobble roads and old alleys are located almost all of the restaurants, cafes/bars, pensions/rooms for rent, shops, public and private services, tourist offices, and agencies of the town. Wondering along the narrow paths of Agios Kirikos and its environs is a pleasant exercise and evokes memories of long forgotten times.

The area around Agios Kirikos exhibits beautiful natural scenery. Looking up and out towards the mountains one can see a green horseshoe shaped garland made up of villages starting at the foot of the mountain and ending a few hundred meters outside of Agios. On this stretch of pristine land pretty mountain side hamlets, small forests above the villages, tree lined ravines, and all varieties of fruit trees are combined into a breathtaking scene.

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