Roman Baths

Built during the Hellenistic Period, the ruined walls of Roman baths situated at ancient Therma are all that remain of the once prosperous Ikarian city that thrived as a result of the visitors from Greece and Asia Minor who came to bath in its therapeutic hot mineral springs. In its heyday the Ancient city of Therma was well known, but it ceased to exist after a devastating earthquake hit the city circa 205 BC. Via snorkeling one can still make out some evidence of underwater remains of the city where it slid into the sea just offshore from the Roman baths. Access to the site is via a footpath marked with green leading from the back of the Agriolycos Pension in Therma. There is a cave on this path that was used as a hiding spot by Ikarians in past times of danger. Walking further along the path brings one to a place on the coast where the hot mineral water flows into the sea (Loumakia), affording the opportunity to bath in it. All in all a worthwhile excursion.

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