Mavrianou Monastery

Located on the south western coast of Ikaria, the Monastery of Evaggelistrias Mavrianou is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and was constructed in late 18th century. Up until 1960 the monastery was run and inhabited by monks. Nowadays it is still an interesting place to visit and open to the public. After a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation several years ago, the monastery buildings and main church were repaired.

Besides the beautiful view of the sea and rural mountain surroundings, of interest is the remains of a marble base and pillar and various fragments of marble and clay, that evidence the existence of an ancient temple or settlement where the monastery is now situated. In the monastery there are 10 cells, but today they are not inhabited. In the church, you can see a wooden iconostassis, dating to around 1820 and an image of the Virgin, which has an inscription to the Virgin Mary.

Every year on May 1st an Ikaria Panagiri (feast celebration) and party takes place at the monastery starting in the early afternoon. The festivities feature grilled locally produced meat and salads, Ikarian wine, music and dancing. Definitelty worth the trip if you are in Ikaria at that time.

Visitors are free to walk around the monastery, its church and various buidling anyday. Just be sure to close any doors that you open. The drive from Armenistis takes about 30 minutes and is on a mostly flat dirt road.

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