Prioni Beach

Located 1km east of Agios Kirkos on the coastal road to Therma, Prioni Beach is a secluded natural sand/pebble cove. The cliffs and rocks at Prioni offer the possibility of diving/jumping from heights of up to 12 meters, and there is a small intimate cove adjacent to the main beach that is only accessible by swimming. The cove area is also of interest to snorkelers. Access to Prioni Beach is via the stairs leading from the north end of Agios Kirikos main square up towards the police station. The stairs turn into a narrow road that passes a small church on the right after about a 10 minute walk. Take the path down to the church and then continue down to the swimming area at the bottom. You have to swim the short distance from there to Prioni which is visible to the north. Sturdy shoes are recommended for the decent from the church to the swimming area.

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