Nas Beach

Located 6km west of Armenistis, Nas is an idylic place seemingly frozen in time. It is situated at the union of the Chalares River and the Aegean Sea, and was the site of one of Ikaria's earliest settlements. During the 6th century BC, the Ikarians built in Nas a temple to the Goddess Artemis, patroness of sailors & protector of wild animals and hunters. Only the temple's foundation and retaining walls of the Tauropolos waterfront of the ancient harbor are visible today and, but the natural beauty of Nas remains as it was in classical antiquity. The beach is open to nudists and non-nudists. Hiking up the riverbed will eventually bring you to a small waterfall and pool. On the cliff above the beach there are a few peaceful tavernas in which to try the local cuisine and rooms for rent with breathtaking views of the canyon, sea and the majestic Nas sunset, the best sunset on the island and one of the most beautiful in the Aegean. The name "Nas" derives from the Latin word for a temple. In Greek the word is "naos".

Ikaria Villa Rental
Seaview - 125m2
3 Bedrooms,
3 WCs

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