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Lefkada Hot Springs Beach

Located 2km west of Agios Kirikos on the main road, across from a house and just before the curve leading to the intersection for Glaredos village. The natural radioenergic hot saltwater spring pool of Lefkada is a relaxing body experience and not to be missed. Boulders encircle the pool where the hot springs reach the sea. There are several streams of hot mineral water in the area and the salts/mud from the streams can be applied to the body for a natural skin/spa treatment. Access is from a path on the road where a sign reads "Hot Springs". The path decends down to the beach and then you must walk along the boulders west for 50m. Care & sturdy shoes are recommended. It is recommended not to bath for longer than 20 minutes and the natural sea pool is especially soothing and curative for many types of dermatalogical problems. You can also swim at the beach o nthe way to the springs or just outside of the thermal sea pool area where there are interesting shallow boulders and many warm water sub-sea bubbles streaming up.

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